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The afternoon was filled with songs, stories, jumping frogs, lots of playing and finished off with a disco and another song!

The children absolutely loved their time and to be honest so did I! Liz must have been busy as she had set up a jungle jitters theme which had so many exciting things for the children to look at and play with.

Liz was so friendly and welcoming, a great lady to be around, here is a link to some of her classes!


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Weather! https://www.drewloganphotography.co.uk/blog/2015/11/weather When people book an outdoors lifestyle shoot I hear a lot of what if the weather is bad?! I have a very relaxed approach to photographing families and if your shoot date is an awful, wet and windy day and you don’t want to go out in it then we can always rebook. 


I recently went to New Forest to photograph a number of different families over the weekend. This was the only weekend we could do so we made do with what we had, and what we had was a torrential downpour! The families I photographed were set on having outdoors shoots as they wanted natural, relaxed images. We had to do the shoots indoors but we still managed to get some beautiful natural images of the families sat together chatting and enjoying each others company.


Other days I have photographed families in the rain and the wind which can result in some beautiful shots playing in puddles or underneath umbrellas!


Please don’t let the weather put you off as there is always a way around it! 

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